Live weather data for your school

Measure, record, and analyse live environmental data, and make it accessible to students, staff and parents.


The UVLens® Weather Kit

The UVLens® Weather Kit contains sensors and software to measure the local UV, temperature, rainfall, and more at your school.

Collect data

  • Collect UV, rainfall, windspeed, temperature and humidity data at your school.
  • Livestream to data dashboards and use in school projects.

Create visualisations

  • The weather kit bundles software and toolkits to help you build your own visualisations.
  • Compare data across time and locations.

Stay safe

  • Live UV and sun safety information that is local to your school.
  • Premium UVLens® iOS and Android app license for students and teachers.

Order your UVLens® Weather Kit now and get started.

Monitoring Kit


Get started with the equipment to monitor the environmental conditions at your school. The kit includes:

  • A weather station
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation support
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Premium App License

$49 $39/month (introductory offer)

School-wide premium license to the UVLens® app for your students and staff.

  • Live UV data at your school, and anywhere else in the country
  • Real-time alerts when the UV conditions change
  • Sunsmart educational material