UVLens is being developed by a team at Spark 64 Ltd, a company making products to help people live healthier outdoor lives. Guided by Richard McLean, who has over 30 years of commercial business experience, the company formed in 2013 after the team won the National Finals of the Microsoft Imagine Cup while Daniel and Ming were still studying their PhD degrees.

The company has a focus in education, providing digital information and tools to teach people about UV and sun safety. In a partnership with Banana Boat sunscreen, over 100 UV sensors were installed around the country to protect preschool children from the sun.

The team at Spark 64 believe in using technology to ignite new ideas, business as a force for good, having fun and giving back to the community through internship and scholarship opportunities.

Daniel Xu
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Daniel did a PhD in bio-mechatronics Engineering. He was awarded the AMP National Scholarship as one of 10 people doing great things in New Zealand. He enjoys finding challenging problems to solve and is the inventor of a number of patents. In his spare time, he enjoys surfing, hockey, football and exploring the outdoors.
Ming Cheuk
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Ming leads the R&D at Spark 64. He has a background in Mechatronics Engineering where he graduated top of his class. In his spare time, he volunteers teaching software courses to tertiary students through the Microsoft Student Accelerator programme. He was invited to represent New Zealand as the Student Partner at the MSP world summit.
Richard McLean
Executive Chair
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Richard is an experienced director and a specialist in the development of IP based global businesses. He has over 30 years of solid commercial experience and a passion for rapid growth and the creation of company value. Over time he has played an active role in the success of many New Zealand technology companies.
Lead Designer
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Coding Grand-master
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Android Ace
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Procedural Archmage
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IT Guru
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